Thanks to:
- X-Tech Foundation
- MassMutual
- Quant Global Foundation


Phase 1 Questions

These are the questions to which judges respond when giving feedback. Well-written business concepts will address these

  • Is the value proposition sound?
  • How original, innovative and thoughtful is the proposed product/service?
  • Is the value proposition articulated clearly and evaluated comprehensively?
  • Does the submission clearly identify a target market?
  • Does the submission identify other key market participants (competitors, potential partners, suppliers)?
  • Is the target market sufficiently large?
  • Does the business concept have competitive advantage(s) over existing solutions?
  • Is the revenue generation plan logical?
  • Is the business operationally feasible?
  • Does the submission clearly outline measurable, achievable near term milestones?
  • Do the founding team members have sufficient expertise to launch the business?

New this year, in Phase I, teams will also be required to submit three (3) questions to which they would like the judges to respond. The questions should address fundamental business issues with which the team is concerned or grappling (i.e., pricing, identifying market size/opportunity, competitive analysis, etc.).