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Phase III Questions

These are the questions to which judges respond when giving feedback and ranking plans in Phase III . Well-written business overviews will address these issues.

Proposed Product/Service and Market Opportunity (Weight: 33%)
Please provide feedback on the business idea.

  • Is the value proposition sound?
  • How original, innovative and thoughtful is the proposed product/service?
  • Is the value proposition articulated clearly and evaluated comprehensively?
  • Does the plan adequately describe the business' intellectual property?
  • Does the submission clearly identify a target market?
  • Does the submission identify other key market participants (competitors, potential partners, suppliers)?
  • Is the target market sufficiently large?
  • Does the business concept have competitive advantage(s) over existing solutions?

Revenue Model and Financial Projections (Weight: 33%)
Please provide feedback on the caliber of the revenue model and financial projections.

  • Do the financial projections reflect an understanding of the economics and potential growth opportunities or downside risks for the business?
  • Are the financial projections comprehensive and realistic?
  • Is the revenue generation plan logical and comprehensive?

Execution Plan (Weight: 33%)
Please comment on the feasibility and completeness of the execution plan:

  • Is the business operationally feasible?
  • Does the submission clearly outline measurable, achievable milestones?
  • Is the capital requested sufficient to achieve the milestones it is meant to help the business achieve?
  • Do the founding team members have sufficient expertise to launch the business?
  • Does the plan address any needs for additional key people and strategies to attract these individuals?
  • Does the submission identify the major relevant risks?
  • Does the submission address the risks appropriately and/or provide contingency plans?
  • Is the submission structurally logical?


  • Any other comments you can provide would be most appreciated.