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Rules & Legal Issues

Judges and Mentors

The Organizing Committee of BPC will publicize the names and associations of all judges and mentors who participate in each round of the BPC at the Venture Finals. The Organizing Committee of BPC will not, however, provide contact information for individual judges. The Organizing Committee will not reveal the identity of judges that read any particular plan unless the judge specifically requests an opportunity to contact the students who submitted the plan.
No participant may under any circumstances attempt to contact a judge during or before the competition. Any such behavior will result in the disqualification of the participant and his/her team from the BPC.

No judge will sit on more than one phase. Hence, if a judge reviews plans in Phase II, that judge will not review plans in Phase III or the Venture Finals. The BPC believes that it is critical to ensure a fresh set of perspectives at each phase of the judging process. This policy is also essential in order to guard against any conflicts of interest that could emerge if judges had preexisting relationships with student participants.

Participants who have any questions regarding potential conflicts of interest for any judges at any stage of the BPC should address them immediately to the Directors of Judge Relations.